The Hilarious Lake Kivu In Rwanda

I guess when I talk about nature, lakes, rivers, mountains, forests, wildlife  come in  your mind but now am talking about Africa’s fourth largest lake which is none other than the hilarious lake kivu. When you reach this lake with its magnificent looks and scenery, you may ask God to erase all other lakes in the world and only leave lake kivu alive. This lake is found nowhere else but in the little land of East Africa, Rwanda bordering  DRC Congo, however even if it’s on the boarder of these countries, its largest part lies in Rwanda . the lake lies about 4790 meters above sea level covering an area of about 2700 square kilometers, it powers its fresh waters in the Ruzizi river flowing south wards into lake Tanganyika. Its name kivu comes from the word” kivu” meaning lake.

The lake habors wonderful islands that surround it providing a beautiful scenery  and a fresh breath to comfort you together with relaxation while at the lake, the most prominent ones are Goma, Gisenyi, Bukavu, kibuye, Cyangungu, however, Goma and Bukavu are located on the Congo side. The most interesting part of the lake are its astonishing beaches and resorts, prominent and enjoying of these is the great Gisenyi beach that lies on the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. While at the lake the fun is just mad while on the Rwanda side because you won’t miss to have a tour in its surrounding cities of bukavu, kibuye and cyangungu and have a chill at these beaches in their beautiful palm trees. A lot of fan comes your way when you get to see the locals of the place with their amazing swimming style at the lake.

While at the lake you won’t miss to chill on the boat cruise that takes you around the lake having the beautiful views of  the virunga volcanoes that lie north of the place, on the boat cruise, missing the sceneries of the surrounding villages will not be entertained since there are various amazing communities around the lake where you will be able to be rewarded with a glimpse of rural life while connecting to the lake towns and interact with the people. If you got time, you can also give a visit to the methane gas mines since the lake does not only relax visitors but also produces methane gas that is being used to boost Rwanda’s energy industry, check on it to also learn and see.

They always say that after lunch, one needs a relaxer but just take your lunch well coz at lake kivu, nothing else will make your afternoon relaxing when you go sport fishing on the lake, it’s just a memorable experience fishing your Nile perch while taking the cool afternoon breeze at this hilarious lake. Kayaking is also at your disposal to feel the wrath of these fresh waters, this may be included on your package but can also be subscribed when you reach the place and  feel like kayaking but always make sure you are well versed with the activity to enjoy yourself. The birdlife at the lake shore just wraps up your experience when you get to listen to the sounds of the pelicans, crowned cranes, malachite king fishers  among other birds.

Now the interesting part is here, the accommodation  around the lake is just worthy a must visit to everyone, not with the classy and elegant rooms and suites at the Serena hotels of Rwanda, the Gisenyi resort beach and the Moriah hill resort in kibuye. They just offer a wonderful and memorable accommodation experience catering for luxury, mid range and budget clients so when you think of a memorable trip in this god gifted country of Rwanda then look nowhere else but the hilarious lake kivu because it’s just worth to visit.

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