Gorilla Safari – Mountain Gorilla Trekking Tours In Uganda, Rwanda & Congo

Gorilla seeing is exhilarating and rewarding. Gorillas are one of the most endangered of large herbivores and undoubtedly one of the most photogenic. Our gorilla and wildlife safari holidays offer a wide range of trips, destinations and locations that we’ve spent years organizing.

Trekking gorilla in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo is one of the most unique & rewarding excursions in Africa and most probably the world which should be on every travelers bucket list. At Gorilla Safaris Adventure, we are dedicated to organizing and running responsible and affordable gorilla trekking excursions to Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. Find a range of trekking excursions starting from one day gorilla tours in Rwanda only. longer safari holiday tailored from 3 days to include wildlife viewing, chimps tracking, Eco-tours, cultural tours in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

when is the best time to visit mountain gorillas

Mountain gorillas are seen though out the year but there are the best month to see these apes. With the best months to visit gorillas, many tourists choose to travel from May to September to February since in these months there is little amounts of rain and it’s sunny in most of the destinations. but you should bear this in mind, the climate in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo is unpredictable so it may rain in the morning and shine in the evening don’t forget to come with water proof jackets. December is one of the busiest months of the year in most national park and it’s advisable to book the accommodation in time to avoid disappointments. During the Christmas season, most people plan to take vacations to national parks so it’s always a peak season in the month of December.

How much is a gorilla trekking permit?

In Rwanda, the gorilla trekking permit costs USD150. In Rwanda there is no peak and low season.
In Uganda, a gorilla permit goes for USD600  all year round.
In Congo, a permit costs USD450 in the peak season and USD200 in the low season in from mid May to Mid March.