Tourism Becomes Rwanda’s Chief Export.

Rwanda a landlocked country in East African country whose green, mountainous landscape has earned it the nickname “Land of a Thousand Hills.” Its renowned Volcanoes National Park is home to mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. Bordering Congo and Uganda, the park comprises 4,507m-tall Mt. Karisimbi and 4 other forested volcanoes. Kigali, the nation’s sprawling capital, has a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene.

For the past Five years, Rwanda’s tourism has been improving swiftly and this has improved the country’s revenue collected each year. Many traveler whole over the world have been attracted to this small but steady country when it comes to tourist attraction simply because of the natural wonders which inhabit the country and many are hard to find in any other nation. I know you have started asking yourself how this small country out compete many other countries when it comes to tourist attraction, you can only believe this ounce you decide to individually go for a Rwanda safari and have a close view of some of the different fraternities which have made Rwanda more unique than others.

Whenever Rwanda is mentioned many people’s mind rush to the rare mountain gorilla trekking, these gentle apes are hosted in the volcanoes national park in the northwestern part of Rwanda and other exhilarating attractions which are worth viewing. Mountain gorillas have attracted many travelers to Rwanda to enjoy watching them at least one hour the recommended time to stay with gorillas, so in return the government earns a lot of revenue collected from tourists hence improving on the country’s Gross Domestic Product {GDP}. Rwanda has three national parks and each park has its unique feature, the Nyungwe forest national park is a home to over 13 species of primates coupled with chimpanzee the closest relative of man sharing almost 98% of human DNA make-up, other primate species include the black and white colobus monkeys, the golden monkeys, baboons, grey checked mangabay among others.

Akagera national park is a home to very many wildlife species like lion, elephant, leopard, buffaloes, giraffe and many more; all these attract many visitors to the country. Apart from primate and mammals, there are other adventurous attractions which are stimulating to view like the ever-green plantations, rainforest, volcanoes and others. Not forgetting other tourist attraction within the city Kigali Rwanda’s capital and largest city and in many other big towns like Butare. All these among others have made the country to improve economically and today, tourism is Rwanda’s leading export than any other product. Be the first come to this beautiful country which is sometimes referred to as the land of ‘’a thousand hills’’ before the year ends.

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